Since my servers changed, I haven’t been able to log in. Now I am, and there are so many things to talk about. My posts should be frequent and numerous from now on. Please feel free to contact me on twitter @fivesight23, or email me – fivesight at

I am currently working on my astrology website. so I will post when new material is available.

Do Not Miss This Podcast

I would have never heard of it if it hadn’t been for Scarlet Imprint’s post of it on Twitter. I made a crack not long ago about how they should have called the drive on the new Star Trek show, Discovery, the McKenna drive, because Terrence McKenna often talked about interplanetary and inter-dimensional mycelium networks. Turns out that the scientist/character on the show who was successful at getting it to work was named for the living genius from whom they got the idea, mycologist Paul Stamets.

I knew there was someone by this name but  had no idea that he had a website, or how absolutely brilliant a scientist he is. Please visit the link to his website, here or to the right of this post, and enjoy the podcast!

Questions & Context

It would probably be a better idea to make this a full article on the divination page, but I just wanted to make a comment about an article written by my Cartomancy Sensei, Camelia Elias. In a post to twitter this morning, she wrote:

“All questions are good and have great value, but if you never make the effort to ask difficult, inspiring, invigorating, piquant, or downright quirky questions will soon find that your divination stales, that your cards don’t ‘talk’ to you anymore.

Likewise, if you only ask deeply involved questions, you will find that your divination will come across as convoluted and completely attached to your verbosity.”

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Holotropic Breathwork is “da bomb”

Yesterday (Nov 4), I had the pleasure of attending another Holotropic Breathwork workshop with my teacher and friend, James Frazier. He studied and worked first hand with Stanislav Grof, famous Psychiatrist, Vision award winner and researcher in non-ordinary states of consciousness , who, along with his wife, discovered the method. There are many types of breathwork out there, but this is as close to Stan’s original Holotropic method that anyone can get, anywhere.

The purpose of Holotropic Breathwork is to (paraphrasing C.G. Jung) help open up a working dialog between the conscious and  unconscious (both personal and collective) mind, and that’s exactly what it does. Sometimes we don’t get extreme insights or experiences during our sessions, but that’s OK, because it works anyway. After a while, one begins to experience changes in their life of a positive nature as the result of resolving unconscious content, and, after all, isn’t that what therapy is for? Continue reading “Holotropic Breathwork is “da bomb””

A new version of an old adventure

Today I joined the playing card course of Dr. Camelia Elias.

I’m no beginner; I can always drop into the corner store, buy a pack of Bicycle or Aviators and give decent readings, but Camelia is quite a scholar amongst cartomancers who’s background has enabled her to embrace the deep lore of many traditions. Plus, she Reads Like the Devil.

She’s also a practitioner of Zen and Dzogchen, Buddhist teachings that have guided my own life and work. I very rarely get into conversations with Golden Dawn, Thelemic or New-Age cartomancers, because they either don’t have much to say or, sometimes, their readings are so steeped in the particular “flavor” of modern mystical sub-genres that I have no interest in – they have too much to say. Now I could apply the principles of Chaos magic and paradigm shift into their belief-systems to understand what they are talking about, but if I do, I don’t find anything of use to me. I don’t think divination should demand that much of the sitter.

Camelia, as we used to say when I was back in college, “don’t play that shit.” She is unlike any cartomancer I’ve ever run across. It’s very hard to find anyone to talk to who has similar thoughts on divination, as you will learn in that section of the site. I’m thrilled to have encountered a warrior-scholar in the field who leads with statements like: “just read the damn cards.”

Here’s a Rune Soup interview with Gordon White that will let you know why she had me at her 3 essentials (YouTube).

Cartomancy doesn’t get any better than this.


Another Superb Thanka

This is another wonderfully styled image of Sipa-Ho, the Cosmic Turtle. This image is laid out like an astrological chart, but it is actually a Thanka that can be placed over the door to protect the home from untoward circumstance and unwanted phenomena. In the bottom of the diagram, you see the symbols of the planets – Sun, Moon, Mars (the eye), Mercury (the finger pointing), Jupiter (the golden Phurba), Venus (the white arrow), Saturn (the corded knot), and Rahu, the shadow planet (the bird). They are in the order, from the top down, of the days of the week, except for Rahu, because he has no visible “body” and no weekday. At the same time, Rahu is the Lunar Node – when new and full Moons occur close to his celestial positions, Eclipses occur. In Tibet, he is considered the King of Planets.

A Wonderful Thanka

I’m working on a series about these amazing Tibetan works of art, so hang on as I find the best images (or take some photos myself if I run across a showing) – this one is of the Cosmic Turtle bringing good fortune. Great for hanging over a cash register or in the home office.


A little about this site

Finally!  I took a few hours to start building this website on many people’s favorite CM platform, and actually got it to work. There are things I’ll be improving over time once I incorporate the Adobe works I use, and make it more visually appealing.

Rather than being a product or service oriented site, this one is more like a personal journal – you might call this a mirror to my dream journal, which is really private. Soon, I’ll be taking comments, and as we get into Winter 2017, I’ll be opening registration in order to allow for more lengthy interaction, because this might inspire some important conversations that I would certainly like to share with whatever readers find me.

In my professional life, I am an Astrologer. In order to find my writing on the topic and learn more about my services, go to my other website, Stargazer’s Journal. I also practice other forms of divination, magic and alchemy; you can read my thoughts and ideas about them here in the form of posts and articles.

In the meantime, welcome to this website. I hope your time here is well-spent.