Fivesight is what I call looking through.

To look through things is to experience their stories. It doesn’t matter whether one is sitting still or talking a walkabout. That’s because The “Speaking Land” (according to the first people of Australia) always has something to say. To quote one of my favorite poets, Isobel Dixon, “objects in your path are never without some significance.”

It’s said that synchronicities are “significant coincidences”, and by “looking through” encounters, all “co-incidents” become synchronicities; kairos moments that can help guide, direct, inform or reveal the map by which one can navigate experience to personal advantage and satisfaction.

“The universe is made of stories, not atoms” is another quote I love, this one from poet and author Muriel Rukeyeser.

Atoms, like complexes, economies, metaphysics and so on, are all stories that we tell each other and ourselves to try and make sense of the universe in which we live. We all need to get past telling each other the most tenacious of stories by realizing that the multiverse is an activity, not a place.

Working with these concepts on a daily basis causes a widening of perspective that makes room for stories, dreams and ideas that transcend the limitations of linguistic and cultural bias. In other articles and blog posts, I’ll delve into the semiotic web, visions, divination and other topics, including the fivefold models that are a very easy way to weigh these encounters with synchronicity, and after which this web-based journal is named.