Another Superb Thanka

This is another wonderfully styled image of Sipa-Ho, the Cosmic Turtle. This image is laid out like an astrological chart, but it is actually a Thanka that can be placed over the door to protect the home from untoward circumstance and unwanted phenomena. In the bottom of the diagram, you see the symbols of the planets – Sun, Moon, Mars (the eye), Mercury (the finger pointing), Jupiter (the golden Phurba), Venus (the white arrow), Saturn (the corded knot), and Rahu, the shadow planet (the bird). They are in the order, from the top down, of the days of the week, except for Rahu, because he has no visible “body” and no weekday. At the same time, Rahu is the Lunar Node – when new and full Moons occur close to his celestial positions, Eclipses occur. In Tibet, he is considered the King of Planets.