Open Sesame

As I was working my way through the rounds of posts and articles I usually read in the morning. Some of them are about natural healing, and others about things like Transpersonal and Jungian psychology, history, semiotics, philosophy, animism, science and other subjects. I ran across one of particular interest on the healing powers of sesame in the newsletter, which you can link to here and read. The article contains recent studies on the properties of what may be the world’s oldest condiment that can potentially heal liver damage, making Sesame an extremely valuable addition to anyone’s diet in these toxic times.

But what occurred to me as I was browsing through it was the story of Ali Baba who heard the mighty band of 40 thieves open their treasure cave by saying “Open Sesame”,  which is also translated as “Sesame Open.” Linguists sometimes say that the word Sesame is sometimes mistranslated; that it may have referred to a more mystical term from used in Kabbalah or other occult texts, and may not have referred to the grain itself. But if you remember, his brother found himself trapped inside the cave when he couldn’t remember which grain’s name was the password, but who knows.

What’s interesting is that sesame seeds grow in pods that break open when they reach maturity, releasing the seeds. That would have made this a very clever way to honor the healing power of this wonderful food and remember its life cycle.

And writing this just made me remember to put some Tahini on today’s shopping list.