The Goddess in Chicago

Astaroth has gone through many name changes and incarnations. At one time, hers was the constellation Virgo.  On another site (Rune Soup) where I am a member, we are picking cities for her. I choose Chicago, and this is why.

This is the illuminated statue of the goddess as Ceres, the goddess of grains and sometimes harvest. She had a Sumerian name as well, but had somewhat different attributes – just like most Roman Era Deities.

The view looking south through what’s called the LaSalle Canyon is spectacular, well, at least it is to me.


This is one of the most famous skyscrapers here in Chicago, and for a few years it was the tallest building. Some call Chicago the home of the skyscraper because of the architectural history of the city.

One more thing: Astaroth’s guardians have always been winged cats. They’re here in Chicago too, guarding the exchange that acts as a pedestal for the goddess: