Another of my favorite people

As science tries to explain away the consciousness as something that can be understood through physics or biochemistry, we have somehow been lucky enough to give the few luminaries and explorers of the inner world voice. Becca S. Tarnas is one of them.

I consider myself fortunate to live in a world where access to people who are philosophically strong enough to challenge the religion of materialism by actually exploring the topology of consciousness. Please check out her website, and also the journal Archai, for which she is an editor.  Both links can be found in my lists on the right, and I would encourage anyone who feels that there is more to life than hot dogs, TV and credit ratings to tune in.

Her astrological counseling practice is quite different from mine, but she, and her father, Richard Tarnas, are among the very few people involved in the Jungian-Transpersonal-Archetypal branch of the field who I enjoy reading. She has many videos and links on her own site that can help anyone get a good grasp of how vast the field is, and how far beyond the “what’s my sign” pick-up lines we professionals are.  Enjoy.