I’ve been busy

Outside of my regular, boring job where certain people are trying to get me into an MSU (making shit up) bag which doesn’t tell the truth about divination, I’ve been really busy.

I’ve fallen in love with the LeNormand methods and decks. There are several decks, but really the essence of reading them is in the method. Sensei has been guiding me in an almost miraculous way, and all who read this blog will see the results soon.

Anyway, I’ve gotten back to my restaurant adventures and thought I might share a few thoughts about fine dining in Chicago, which, along with New Orleans, has some of the best spots in the US to have an exciting, wonderful and to some degree impossible meal.

Reviews coming soon here and on Yelp.

I’m a little worried about pictures because of Article 13 in the EU, but I will have that figured out by next week and start posting on at least a bi-weekly, if not everyday basis, so keep watching, or check in with me on Twitter at – @fivesight23.

Another thing is the Magic of Thailand. Expect posts on the subject regularly, in that I will be doing a lot of stuff there in January.