A new version of an old adventure

Today I joined the playing card course of Dr. Camelia Elias.

I’m no beginner; I can always drop into the corner store, buy a pack of Bicycle or Aviators and give decent readings, but Camelia is quite a scholar amongst cartomancers who’s background has enabled her to embrace the deep lore of many traditions. Plus, she Reads Like the Devil.

She’s also a practitioner of Zen and Dzogchen, Buddhist teachings that have guided my own life and work. I very rarely get into conversations with Golden Dawn, Thelemic or New-Age cartomancers, because they either don’t have much to say or, sometimes, their readings are so steeped in the particular “flavor” of modern mystical sub-genres that I have no interest in – they have too much to say. Now I could apply the principles of Chaos magic and paradigm shift into their belief-systems to understand what they are talking about, but if I do, I don’t find anything of use to me. I don’t think divination should demand that much of the sitter.

Camelia, as we used to say when I was back in college, “don’t play that shit.” She is unlike any cartomancer I’ve ever run across. It’s very hard to find anyone to talk to who has similar thoughts on divination, as you will learn in that section of the site. I’m thrilled to have encountered a warrior-scholar in the field who leads with statements like: “just read the damn cards.”

Here’s a Rune Soup interview with Gordon White that will let you know why she had me at her 3 essentials (YouTube).

Cartomancy doesn’t get any better than this.