I spend lots of time working on ways to stay beyond the mediocre.
I like ideas that allow me to experience things that others try to ignore.
I stalk the “kairos moment”; those times when the universe tells it’s story.
Breath, Dream and Presence anchor my activities.
I travel light and never borrow trouble from the future.
Life is too short to fit in.

But that’s all about me. In some ways I am an artist. I don’t paint or draw right now, simply because most of the dream-images or visions I experience don’t translate into a frozen, 2D format. Plus, there are so many geniuses working at bringing visions of the supernal to the general public. I appreciate them.

I’m working on making a bone flute, not because I want to outdo someone at something that’s been done before, but because I think of it as an almost perfect magical tool for one who lives a quiet life, such as myself. They travel very well, and make a sound that somehow commutes between this world and another at times.

I try my hand at poetry once and awhile – you may see some of my work here. I say, (to paraphrase Les Murray) “a poem is a small religion”, and the small ones all the religion I need. None of us can avoid being ritualistic, because the rhythms of time and space bind us to patterns, cycles, linear progressions and such; I try to take my rituals from nature and insight, rather than social constructs.

I work to transmute the rhythmic processes of thought into intuition daily – I often describe myself  as an intuitionist, because the more I trust myself and honor the dreaming as I experience it, the more fluid and invigorating life becomes.

I like travel (although the journeys are made as uncomfortable as possible for all but the 1% these days) because it puts me in places where the essential spirit of the earth changes – even different regions of the same country do this for me. Travel helps me to tune myself to different rhythms and geometries of the subtle elements that translate experience into forms that easily transgress the artificial barriers between sensation and consciousness. The reverse is also true, in that enjoying different channels of “Biospheric TV” (Jeremy Narby’s term) makes it easier to bring experiences of individual and collective psychic realms into the physical, which is why I practice the arts of divination.

That’s all I really have to say about myself for now, but as you read the different writings, images and videos on this site, I’m sure you’ll learn more about me than I ever intended to discuss. Please enjoy the interesting links I’ve put on this site as well; I’m sure some of it will be a bit “far out” for many people, and will offend some, but they are sites that belong to people to whom the world should pay more attention.