A little about this site

Finally!  I took a few hours to start building this website on many people’s favorite CM platform, and actually got it to work. There are things I’ll be improving over time once I incorporate the Adobe works I use, and make it more visually appealing.

Rather than being a product or service oriented site, this one is more like a personal journal – you might call this a mirror to my dream journal, which is really private. Soon, I’ll be taking comments, and as we get into Winter 2017, I’ll be opening registration in order to allow for more lengthy interaction, because this might inspire some important conversations that I would certainly like to share with whatever readers find me.

In my professional life, I am an Astrologer. In order to find my writing on the topic and learn more about my services, go to my other website, Stargazer’s Journal. I also practice other forms of divination, magic and alchemy; you can read my thoughts and ideas about them here in the form of posts and articles.

In the meantime, welcome to this website. I hope your time here is well-spent.